Child Labour/Worker

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Child labour
child labour and worker

Child labour is just like a crime in which children are pressured from a very early age to work. All work performed by children under 15 years of age and dangerous work performed by children under 18 years of age is illegal. Children doing works that likely to interfere with his right to education or that harm their health and everything were not accepted. Under international treaties and agreements, child labour is prohibited.  

By 2020, more than 100 million children will already be caught in child labour. This can be mostly happening in countries, that have too much poverty and unemployment. When some families do not have money to live, they send their children for work. They are not considering about their ages. Unemployment also same. When the members or elder ones of the family were unemployed, younger ones have to work. Children are able to control and are cheap workers, hired in comparison to adults. There are so many uneducated people in this world. Most of them haven’t long term goals. They want to take care about the present, so they put their children to work.

There are so many other things that cause for increase the child labour. In most of the countries children’s rights are not respected. But in countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Thailand, France and Denmark best at respecting children’s right. Sometimes due to cheap labour, not taking enough actions to stop it, failure to observe international agreements and conventions, lack of social security, governments do not offer compulsory education which is free and accessible can cause for child labour.

African continent having the world’s highest rate of child labour. Do you know that in sub-Saharan Africa, two in five children are involved in some form of work? How serious is the problem of child labour in there. It is not a concern for many African experts, while others say it is more serious than anywhere else in the world. These childern waking up earlier. They eat just enough to survive and go to work directly. They are not getting the quality life that other children enjoying. But other children wake up in the morning. For breakfast, they eat whatever they want. They put clothes on there after that and go to school. See the difference. Child labor means not having friends, family life and fun.

The 2020 World Day Against Child Labour focuses on the effects of the child labour. Pandemic of COVID-19 resulting the economy and people badly. Most of the children may be pushed into child labour by this pandemic. This is mostly affecting to poorest countries. There are currently an estimated 152 million children in child labour, of which 72 million are in dangerous jobs. These children are in greater risk.

A global issue that needs a global solution is child labour. Actually, they should have a happy environment of school and family, that they can grow and develop. All should take measures to end the continuous harassment faced by children and help them have a bright future. Children should have pens in their hands, not tools. It is necessary to inspire children to speak up for themselves and against the child labour. Children must enjoy their childhood and should be allowed to educate as they want. Reference:


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