Top 10 tips for university students living away from home

Oct 20, 20200 comments

University Student
University Student living away from home.

For some, going away to college or university may be the first time they find themselves navigating the world on their own. Because they are away from the support of their parents, expected to be truly independent. There is a famous quote that the art of life is constant readjustment to our surroundings. So we have to adjust into any situation. However, this change can be exciting. Here are some top tips for university students living away from home.

1) Stay where you are

Many students who live away from home for the first time are really wantedto go back whenever they can. Most of students going to their homes at every weekend. This will not help you to fix or cut the apron strings, which will make the process longer. Set yourself a month or a day in advance when you will be able to return for a visit by throwing yourself into university life and experiences.

2) Create relationships, connections

When you are away from home, building relationships with other students is another greatway to build a healthy and happy system. However,it can be challenging for students in a completely new social environment. One way to get around this is to join a club. Also there are social media groups, that offers the opportunity to establish and join groups of similar people and interests. Those are greattoolsfor meeting new people and making new connections.

3) You have to take responsibilityfor yourself

Taking responsibility for oneself is as simple as eating regularly, exercising regularly, washing clothes, washing dishes etc.are basic life skills that can be overlooked if one’s parents donethese things previously. Doing so will help yourfriends tocrossdaily or weekly tasks from their “to do” list and reduce their overall stress.4) Keep track of your timeWhen you are at home, you neverdone some works like cooking, laundry, or goinggrocery on your own. You have to learn these things. Try to schedule or at least keep track of where you spend your time.

5) Manage your moneyThis is very important.

Should learn how to budget. Havinga direct hand in managing your finances makes it easier for you to make informed and smart decisions precisely because you know your financial situation. When you know how much you have in your budget, you will know how much you can allot for your goals.

6) Do not forget to take a Break

When you are in university, life will become a busy one. Because we have to do lot of things like facing exams, assignments, extracurricular activities, managing our own works etc. Life is about a balance. So you have to keep that balance while working hard. Remember to take a break and recharge. The university dropout phenomenon occurs in all universities around the world and its impact can be seen at the economic level, at the level of society and at the personal level of students who leaving the university.Most of first year students drop out from universities, stress usually being an underlying reason for their leaving. So you have to make sure to take a break and having a balance life.

7)Learn to cook

This is always the first thing we do when they go away from home first time. Cooking for yourself is probably one of the biggest challenges any young person going out of the house will face. When we first went to Uni, it was probably quite easy, all foodthat was splashed around university.However, those things cannot consume every day. So you can learn to cook and eatwhile enjoying with your friends. It will always better. Also can have easy cooking meals like noodles, pasta etc.

8)Plan and build a fancy dress wardrobe

What happens in universitystays in university. While we are in university we will meet lot of birthday parties, Social nights, society events, club meetings andmore that you’ll be attending!By building fancy dress wardrobe, you can turn up withdresses, make-up and everything. The biggest thing you need to prepare is to have fun and create memories that will last forever!

9)Keep your belongings safe

You will bring smartphones, tablets, laptops to university. They are all expensive items. So every time you have to make sure that your room locked at all times.

10)Always be safe

Should consider your own safety on a day-to-day basis. It is better to livewith people that you like and trust. Make sure that your front door isn’t miles from the night bus stop so you don’t have a long late night walk home. Check thatdoors and windows in your room are locked.For most students, university is the first time living away from home, and it’s a great opportunity to learn to be independent.We can make lot of friends there. It is important that friends we make inuni last a life time.Finally, youhave to try to graduate in the best possible position while working hard and balancing your life.

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