Top 10 Movies That Talks About Ai

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A Space Odyssey is a epic sci-fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick released in 1968.Understanding this film is a bit difficult.Story is a voyage to Jupiter including the evolution of human after the discovery of monolith.Here the spaceship is operated by an AI computer called HAL.Film depicts interesting science concepts including AI,time loop and evolution.Also shows in a part how human escape from AI taking under control.


A.I Rising is an English-language Serbian sci-fiction film directed by Lazar Bodrosa and released in 2018.The story is in between a cosmonaut and an AI robot called Nimani designed to respond to the cosmonaut’s desires and to monitor his performance on a space ship.The cosmonaut creates a scenario where she acts as a young first time lover.

He finds that Nimani begins to act beyond her routines and reads in emotion in the interaction,here the movie feeds more interest and curiosity to the audience.


Uncanny is a sci-fiction film released in 2015 and directed by Matthew Leutwyler.This story is based on unnerving and rising behaviours which is impossible to program of an AI robot that is indistinguishable from an actual human being.This robot begins to exhibit these behaviours when a reporter begins a relationship with the scientist who created it.


Ex-Machina is a sci-fiction psychological thriller film released in 2014 and directed by Alex Garland.A computer programmer named Caleb is invited by his CEO to demonstrate Turing test to an AI robot,story tell how the AI robot escaped and started to socialize with humans using Caleb,pretending to like him.AI robot also killed its creator (The CEO) and locked Caleb in a room ignoring his screaming in the process to escape.Film portrays that advanced AI robot could be even a harmful effect to humans.


Wall-E is an American animated sci-fiction romance film released in 2008 and produced by Walt Disney.Wall-E is an AI robot remains operational on earth left by humanity to clean up garbage.The story points out the feeling of love generated in Wall-E when an unmanned probe or an AI robot named EVE arrives to earth in search of human-sustainable life.Story has a happy ending as humans and robots turn the ravaged planet into a paradise.


The Matrix is an American sci-fiction action film released in 1999 and directed by The Wachowskis.It depicts an injustice future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated world called The Matrix,created by AI robots to use human bodies as their energy source.

This begins when humans blocked the AI machines’ access to solar energy.Story is based on how humanity wins the war by being freed from the Matrix.The film includes a time loop system as a woman named Oracle who can predict the future,drives the main characters to a point how to release human from the Matrix.

4) IRobot

IRobot is an American sci-fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas in 2004.Story takes place in 2035 where AI robots fill public service positions.The hero(Will Smith as Spooner) is a detective agent,investigates the sucide of U.S Robotics founder Dr.Alfred Lanning and believes that an AI robot murdered him.Lanning also leaves some clues for Spooner in hologramic form.Story explains both bad and good side of AI,as an AI called VIKI tries to take control of world and at the mean while an AI robot named Sonny helps Spooner to save humanity.


Chappie is an American sci-fiction action film released in 2015 and directed by Neill Blomkamp.There is a Robotic company which manufactures police robots,story describes the situation which happens when a robot(Chappie) is captured by gangters and trained to support their activities.Software installed in Chappie is an advanced one compared with other police robots,which gives him an exact human intelligence and behavior.Film depicts the behaviours,emotions and effects of an AI robot captured by gangters and trianed by them from his childhood.

2) HER

Her is an American sci-fiction romantic comedy film by Spike Jonze released in 2013.Film is based on a man who develops relationship with an AI virtual assistant named Samantha.He also begins conversational romance with Samantha.Story explains us how an AI machine can help human to overcome loneliness and also makes us understand that AIs are just machines which can never become equal to humans.This film is a good example on how human could be mentally effected by an AI in future.


A.I is an American sci-fiction drama film released in 2001 by the director steven spielberg.Story is about a child like AI robot named David.Its the first robot uniquely programmed to love and co-exist as a member of a family.

David is given to Henry and his wife Monica,whose son Martin contracted a rare disease.David seeks for a child like love towards him by Monica.Martin is unexpectedly cured of his disease and brought home.David begins the journey to find his place among humans and machines.Of course the story has a sentimental touch which could emerg tears from eyes of the audience.

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