What is Artificial Intelligence

Nov 6, 20200 comments

artificial intelligence

Aritificial intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence in machines.AI systems have the ability to think like human but only to the extend its programmed.In the part of education,AI is a field of study in Computer Science and AI also includes some branches of Mathematics like linear algebra,calculus and probability.

AI is normally used in voice recognition,problem solving,planning and learning.The best example for an application of AI is Siri,one of the most popular personal assistant offered by Apple in iphones and ipads.Siri assess you to find information,get directions,send messages,make voice calls and open applications.The growth of electrical vehicle’s industries is a well known truth and AI plays amajor role in this growth.

Tesla is one of the leading electrical vehicles company which uses AI wisely providing their customers a self driving car.This self driving option works exactly like a human driver controlling the vehicle’s motion in a way of obeying the traffic rules and regulations.Some leading technology companies like Apple,Google and IBM are working on the development of AI.According to indeed,the demand for AI specialist and jobs related to this technology will have a great growth in future.

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